Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health

Brazil - UFBA

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The Infectious Disease program at the University of California San Diego maintains strong ties with the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador (UFBA), Brazil. Dr. Roberto Badaro, chairman of the Department of Medicine, and an adjunct faculty member at UCSD coordinates collaborative projects in HIV and tropical parasitic diseases.

UCSD Infectious Disease Division members Robert Schooley, Sanjay Mehta, and Robert Huang have been working closely with Dr. Badaro and UFBA since 2004. A number of other students, residents and fellows have also had the chance to experience tropical medicine first hand as well as complete small research projects in Salvador. Currently, the parasitic disease leishmaniasis is the focus of ongoing collaborative work between the two institutions. Worldwide, the WHO estimates over 12 million people are infected with leishmaniasis, and one of the major foci lies in northeast Brazil, in the areas near to Salvador. Dr. Badaro has been working with this parasite for over 25 years, and he continues to be involved with the WHO Leishmaniasis Control Program. Ongoing projects include the study of the differences in cytokine expression in patients co-infected with HIV and Leishmaniasis, and an upcoming leishmaniasis vaccine trial.

Salvador, Brazil

A second area of collaboration between UCSD, UFBA involves a third member, Precision Photonics, a Boulder, CO based company. The three institutions are currently working on a simple, inexpensive point of care infectious disease diagnostics system for rural and "bush" medicine.

Brazil - HNRC

Members of the Human Neurobehavioral Research Center (HNRC) are also collaborating with Hospital de Clinicas da UFPR (Universidade Federal da Parana and have established a cohort of individuals with HIV that are enrolled in several studies looking at the effects of HIV on the central nervous system. This study part of a larger international collaboration that aims to study the differences in neuropathology between different clades of HIV.

Capoeira; A Brazilian Tradition