Division of Infectious Diseases

Division of Infectious Diseases at UC San Diego

Kevan Akrami, MD

Clinical Fellow; 2nd Year

Sarah Burgdorf, MD, PhD

Clinical Fellow, 1st Year

Annie Cowell, MD, MPH

Research Fellow; 3rd Year

Mentor: Elizabeth Winzeler, PhD

Jen Dan, MD, PhD

Research Fellow; 5th Year

Mentor: Shane Crotty, PhD

La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Research Interests:
1) Germinal center responses in pediatric patients with recurrent tonsillitis
2) Immune responses in solid organ transplantation patients

Susannah Graves, MD

Research Fellow; 3nd Year

Mentor: Susan Little, MD

Research Interest:

HIV and STI transmission networks in San Diego County



Lucy Horton, MD, MPH

Clinical Fellow; 2nd Year

Helen King, MD

Research Fellow; 3rd Year

Mentor: Charles Hicks, MD


Stephanie LaVergne, MD

Clinical Fellow; 1st Year

Melanie McCauley, MD

Clinical Fellow; 2nd Year

Kathy Promer, MD

Clinical Fellow; 1st Year

Infectious Disease Program fellows, February 2016.

ID fellows (left to right) Susannah Graves, Helen King, Anne Cowell, Melanie McCauley and Kevan Akrami basking in the warmth of a sunny February afternoon with the downtown San Diego skyline in the background. Relaxed smiles after having spent the day taking the in-training exam.