Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health

Joel O. Wertheim, PhD

Dr. Joel Wertheim Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of Infectious Diseases

Antiviral Research Center
220 Dickinson St, Suite A
San Diego, CA 92103
Mail Code: 8208
Phone: 619-543-5069

Email: jwertheim@ucsd.edu


I received my PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2009 from the University of Arizona. This work focused on relaxed molecular clocks and their use in understanding the origin and emergence of RNA viruses. Afterwards, I began work as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, San Diego. Here, I continued my work into understanding the origins of RNA viruses and how more sophisticated models of molecular evolution may help us better understand their circumstances. Since then, my work has increasing focused on HIV transmission networks, both their construction and dynamics. This work is primarily funded by a K01 award from NIH-NIAID. My work on HIV transmission networks is facilitated by ongoing collaborations with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases in the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego.


BA, Biology, Wesleyan University
PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona, Tucson

Selected Publications