Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health

Eli Spencer, MD, PhD

Eli Spencer, MD, PhD
Co-Director; Distributed Health Labs

Medical Education Partnership Initiative, Informatics Coordinator & VA Staff Physician Infectious Diseases (HIV)

Email: easpencer@ucsd.edu

9500 Gilman Drive, MC 0711

Research Interests

The goal of Dr. Spencer's research is to develop informatics and diagnostic solutions for medical care in resource-limited settings. In San Diego he coordinates the informatics component of the UCSD/UEM Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI); a collaborative effort between the divisions of Infectious Diseases and Bioinformatics at UCSD and the University Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo Mozambique, to improve medical education and laboratory capacity in Mozambique(mepimoz.org, id.ucsd.edu). Research in his own lab includes yeast based diagnostics, MEMS and portable “lab-in-a-box” technologies integrated via mobile devices.


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