Division of Infectious Diseases

Journal Club


David Wyles, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine


For more information, contact: Dave Wyles or ID Admin

ID Journal Club occurs on the third Thursday of the month during the second half of ID Grand Rounds.


Schedule for October 2015 - June 2017

Susannah Graves, MD
Anne Cowell, MD, MPH  
Nella Green, MD
1/21/2016 Jeffrey Jenks, MD  
February 2016 No Journal Club  
3/17/2016 Shawn Koura, MD  
4/21/2016 Monika Kumaraswamy, MD  
5/19/2016 Sam Pan, MD  
6/23/2016 Jennifer Dan, MD, PhD  
No Journal Club July & August 2016
9/15/2016 Kevan Akrami, MD  
10/20/2016 Lucy Horton, MD, MPH  
11/17/2016 Melanie McCauley, MD  
12/15/2016 Helen King, MD  
1/19/2017 Susannah Graves, MD  
2/16/2017 No Journal Club (CROI)  
3/16/2017 Anne Cowell, MD, MPH  
4/20/2017 Kevan Akrami, MD  
5/18/2017 Lucy Horton, MD, MPH  
6/15/2017 Melanie McCauley, MD  


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