Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health

Division of Infectious Diseases at UC San Diego

UCSD Infectious Diseases

The Division of Infectious Diseases in the Department of Medicine was established in 1969 and since then has grown to have 40+ faculty members. Our research space is located in several buildings on and off campus including the Clinical Teaching Facility, the Antiviral Research Center in Hillcrest, the Stein Clinical Research Building, the Moores Cancer Center, the Biomedical Research Facility, the San Diego VA Medical Center, the Cellular and Molecular Medicine East Building, and the George Palade Laboratories for Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Major international collaborations in Mozambique, Mexico, India, South Africa and Peru play important roles in the Division’s expansion of its international programs.

The division continues to grow and expand with the development of our international medicine program, as well the ongoing studies and interests of our faculty.


Major Research Interests

The major research interests of the faculty include HIV (both clinical and laboratory-based research) and opportunistic infections, hepatitis B and C, microbial pathogenesis, international medicine and parasitology. Members of the ID Division direct the UCSD Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) and the California State-supported California Collaborative Treatment Group (CCTG). Research is supported by NIH and VA grants to many investigators in the ID Division. The ID Division has two NIH sponsored postdoctoral training grants; one for HIV-related research and one for all other ID research.


Dr. Robert Schooley

Dr. Schooley was appointed Head of the Division in 2005 after leading the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Colorado for the prior 14 years. He is committed to expanding and strengthening existing Divisional research programs and adding new research programs focused on international medicine and on viral hepatitis.

His relocation to UCSD was stimulated by the breadth and depth of the science at UCSD, the opportunity to shift his research focus to global heath and to develop a multidisciplinary HCV research program. His personal research interests include HIV and HCV pathogenesis and therapy and infections that cause morbidity and mortality in resource limited settings.



Dr. Joshua Fierer

Dr. Fierer served as Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases from 1991 until 2005. During this period, the Division underwent a major expansion of its research, clinical and educational programs. In the mid 1980s, in response to the AIDS epidemic in San Diego, the ID Division took on the responsibility for HIV care at the VA and for HIV research at UCSD and the VA.